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Piola: Visualising 2021 F1 cars using initial FIA details of plans – F1

Although Formula 1’s 2021 rules have not yet been finalised, the ideas are advanced enough for technical expert Giorgio Piola to imagine how the new generation of cars will look.

Here, he offers more detail about the changes that will appear from 2021 as F1 bids to create a formula that allows cars to follow one another much more closely, utilising the ground effect aerodynamic concept.

1) The idea is to have a very low nose. This version is attached to the main plane as it was in the ’90s

2) The mainplane is slightly arched upwards to improve the airflow underneath the car to help feed the ground effect tunnels

3) The endplates are rounded to help minimise the risk of punctures in the event of contact between cars, which is more likely due to the wide front wing

4) The low nose without turning vanes shows the simplified aerodynamics

5) The wheel rims could feature covers to help better manage airflow and make it less disruptive

6) The brake ducts are simplified and have less of an aerodynamic influence

7) The front wheels are covered with two deflectors, which help direct the wash from the front wheel underneath the floor rather than being lifted upwards and outwards, which causes turbulence for the cars behind

8) This is the start of a big Venturi channel, which begins where the current bargeboards are

9) The halo has a better integration with the overall car design

10) The stepped plane area is not totally flat because there is the chance to house Venturi channels in this area

11) The taller diffuser is much more powerful than the current diffuser, meaning most of the downforce will be created from underneath the car

12) The rear wing features a simple endplate to reduce the effect of turbulence and helps divert airflow high up with a twin vortex

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