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McLaren wants 2021 F1 rules clarity to decide future shape of team – F1

McLaren Formula 1 team boss Andreas Seidl says knowing the shape of the 2021 regulations is important for knowing how to adjust the structure of his squad.

Most discussion of the timing of the release of the regulations has revolved around whether an early start on R&D for 2021 would favour the established top teams, or those in the chasing pack.

Seidl said it is more a question of the bigger picture of what impact the rules have on the shape of the team.

As part as the design changes intended to increase overtaking, the 2021 rules discussions have focused heavily on how to reduce costs and make the playing field more level.

“If you’re up against the best ones in this sport like Mercedes or Ferrari it doesn’t matter when they start or we start,” Seidl said when asked about the 2021 rules timing debate by Autosport.

“We are happy with whatever the outcome is.

“It’s more important to have clarity of what we get, so we can start thinking how it affects the structure of the team, and I can start making up my mind how the team should look.

“But I’m happy with both ways, if the regs come now or later. It doesn’t change anything.

“In the end it’s like every year, you have to make your mind up how long you develop the current car, when you start with next year’s car, when you start the basic concept of the car the year after. So it’s nothing new.

“For us it is more important to have the rules to know where we have to head to, so that we can also make up our mind in how we want to shape the team in the future in order to be ready for the 2021 regulations.

“That is the main topic for us.”

Seidl has confidence in the system that is refining the rules.

“There are very experienced guys working on it on the FOM and FIA side, Ross [Brawn] and all these guys, we have full trust that in the end they know what is important to achieve for 2021 and this is what we are waiting for now,” he added.

“We have a good dialogue with them now, so it is important that they have this dialogue with us, that all the teams do consulting work for F1 and the FIA.

“But at the same time with every team having their own agenda it is simply important that in the end they make their conclusions and broadcast the regulations, and we have to go with it.”

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